One championship: aung la n sang says reinier de ridder

Aung La “The Burmese Python” N Sang was plenty surprised to hear about his change of opponent for “ONE on TNT IV,” but he’s ready for any challenger on fight night.

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The reigning ONE Light Heavyweight World Champion will now put his belt on the line against Reinier “The Dutch Knight” de Ridder on U.S. prime-time television this Wednesday, 28 April.

This is a rematch of their October 20trăng tròn battle, where De Ridder shocked the Myanmar star to clalặng the middleweight gold.

“I flew out from the ‘States thinking that I’d be fighting Bigdash. I found out in transit that the opponent had changed. I’m grateful khổng lồ have an opponent on Wednesday,” Aung La N Sang says.

“Reinier was supposed to lớn fight on the same card as well, so I’m sure he’s happy he has an opponent. I’m very happy with the new opponent. I’m here khổng lồ prove sầu myself — no one else — và this is a good way to lớn prove sầu myself.

“It doesn’t matter who they put in front of me. I’m here to fight & put on a great show in front of the fans. It’s a better matchup in my opinion.”

In their first meeting, De Ridder choked out “The Burmese Python” khổng lồ snap his seven-bout winning streak and dethrone the longtime middleweight king.

Despite the chance to thua his second belt, Aung La N Sang is pleased khổng lồ have a shot at redemption. And he feels fully equipped to khuyến mãi with “The Dutch Knight” given his well-rounded fight camp at Sanford MMA.

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“I knew the rematch was going lớn happen . I thought I was going to get through a few more people , but it’s okay,” the Myanmar star says.

“At Sanford MMA, we train to lớn be the best in all aspects of MMA to lớn be a bad matchup for anyone. I’m just excited I get a chance khổng lồ redeem myself from last year.

“I’m confident in my training & my team. They’ve prepared me well. I don’t have sầu a doubt that I can finish hyên ổn and put on a great performance.”

For his part, the Dutchman believes he’ll repeat the feat và choke out Aung La N Sang again, but the reigning light heavyweight king is not fazed by his rival’s bold clayên ổn.

“I like that Reinier is very confident. That should make for a good matchup,” the Myanmar icon says.

“He can think what he wants. It doesn’t make a difference. I’ve made adjustments since the last bout và I know I can beat hlặng. I’m preparing lớn be the best version of myself, & the best version of myself is capable of beating anyone in the world.

“He’s a one-triông xã pony. I’m a more well-rounded fighter, & I know I’m going lớn break hyên & put hyên away.”


The final installment of the “ONE on TNT” series would be an ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá platform for “The Burmese Python” khổng lồ exact his revenge on De Ridder. 

The 35-year-old wants lớn win for the people in his trang chủ nation of Myanmar, but he’s also resided in North America since college. With that in mind, he’s motivated to showcase the best of ONE Championship – and himself – to a whole new audience on prime-time television. 

“This year I will have spent half my life in the United States. My in-laws, my friends, và the local American audience will know me a little bit better and be able to watch my work, so it is very important lớn me,” Aung La N Sang says.

“You’re going to have to lớn wait và see , but it’s going to be good, it’s going to lớn be exciting, và I promise someone is going to lớn be face down on the floor.

“I’m going to put on a great show. Don’t blinks. This one’s going lớn kết thúc with a bang.”

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