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We are Official Ticket Agent of the FC


We are proud khổng lồ be an official Ticket Agent of FC for 25 years, under theLicense No. 2019/đôi mươi FCB00FM. This means a constantly renewed trust between the club & us. For you - buyers - this is the only guarantee of official tickets and impeccable customer service!

25 Years of Experience

After more than 25 years of selling FC tickets, we can sell up to 4000 tickets per match, which is an organizational challenge và proves our expertise.

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1st Official Agency by the number of sales, our tickets & their delivery are guaranteed. Stress in on our side, not yours !

Guarantee Tickets Together

We will always try khổng lồ ensure that the tickets are in pairs. Places together can be side by side, diagonally, one above the other or with another football người between them. We will always give priority to lớn the most logical option, that of side-by-side seats.

Pricing Policy

Our customer-oriented policy is to lớn sell a service called Ticket Package that may include: the football tickets, a souvenir, a city guide book or maps & trang chính delivery service.In many occasions, in order lớn guarantee the Ticket Package availability for our customers, we must buy the Ticket Package at a higher price than their face value. Hence, our tickets can be more expensive than the tickets real price (face value).

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Cthua trận

Your Barcelomãng cầu football ticket for the FC vsReal Betis : A passport for an extraordinary evening at Camp Nou!

Seeing FC Barcelomãng cầu in its Camp Nou stadium is an unforgettable moment for all those who have sầu experienced it. This FC vsReal Betisfootball match will certainly not break the rule. In La Liga, the Spanish Championship, playing in Barcelomãng cầu is an event for both small và big Spanish teams. They come to lớn Camp Nou to lớn shine & win. Imagine the resistance must offer in every match to hold its own. This is typical of the big clubs that can never lower their cấp độ of play for the matches with stakes, as against the smallest teams in the standings."s club members know it and never let down their guard either.

If "Mes que un club" (more than a Club) is their motkhổng lồ, it should not be forgotten that the socios are also owners of the FC, once a member through an annual subscription, they have the right khổng lồ vote for the election of their President. A very democratic functioning that favors the public"s enthusiasm during each Barcelomãng cầu FC match, a family atmosphere also because it is not uncomtháng to see whole families going to lớn the Camp Nou stadium for each game.So, it"s your turn khổng lồ taste the unequalled emotion of watching a match at Camp Nou, the stadium, when you buy FC Barcelomãng cầu Real Betistickets.



Camp Nou Stadium: where is the Camp Nou ? Address : Carrer d"Arístides Maillol 08028,, Spain

How to get there by public transport ? Bus lines : 7, 15, 43, 67, 68, 74, 75, L12, L50, L60, L62. Metro : Line 3 (Get off at Maria Cristina or Les Corts) & Line 5 (Get off at Collblanc or Badal).

cảnh báo : On matchdays, the visit of the Camp Nou & the museum of FC Barcelomãng cầu are partially closed. Prefer the day before or the next day for the Camp Nou visit.

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