Everton Vs West Ham: Live

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Live BlogFulltime Thoughts - Simply not good enough in multiple areas of the pitch. With this squad, the Blues need more players stepping up lớn win games, didn’t get it today against a disciplined West ham side.

90+5 - Rondon wins a late, late corner. Godfrey rises highest and his header is wild. Final whistle blows, game over and Everton’s chance khổng lồ make it four straight league wins at home to start the season is gone.

90+3’ - Deep cross is met by Coleman who tries lớn nod it back into the box but can’t. Argh, that might be it.

90+2’ - Gray with a shooting chance from a cross on the right, blocked by Zouma!

89’ - Hammers attack và Bowen looks khổng lồ curl one into the far post, saved brilliantly by Pickford. Corner cleared but Everton can’t retain possession.

86’ - West ham mê corner just over Zouma, Keane clears. Ball still pingpongs in the box and Ogbonna tries to stab it at goal và wins another corner. This is not helping. Rondon clears from the front post, ball comes to Rice và he shoots over. Benrahma coming off for Lanzini now. Hard to lớn see where an Everton goal is going khổng lồ come from now.

82’ - Everton corner from the right, Godfrey running in late & his volley under pressure is over. The Blues are leaving a lot of space as they throw everything upfront.

79’ - The visitors are down to lớn ten men as Soucek got an accidental kick in the face from Rondon, he is replaced by Craig Dawson. Everton make a change now, with Iwobi going off for Anthony Gordon who immediately plays a cross into the box that is cleared.

77’ - Now Everton attack và win a corner on the right. Can the Blues it right back? Corner is cleared và Blues win a throw on the other side. Ball into the box headed up in the air by Iwobi & Fabianski collects.

73’ - Iwobi & Townsend combine to get a cross into the box, Rondon beats Zouma khổng lồ it but his header has no pace on it and Fabianski collects. Now Antonio wins a corner off an aerial duel with Pickford, inswinger touched in by Ogbonna, và West say mê lead. Beat Godfrey khổng lồ it and it’s 1-0 with just over fifteen to lớn play. The England goalie was claiming a foul but there was nothing in it really, & will go down as a Pickford error.

#WHUFC take the lead at Goodison Park! ⚒A phối piece does the job for West Ham, yet again! #EVEWHU pic.twitter.com/RA8CC0RwxG

— Sky Sports Premier League (

71’ - Antonio on the ground, looks like Keane stomped on his foot inadvertently, & Pickford does the gentlemanly thing & puts the ball out for his khổng lồ receive medical attention.

68’ - West đắm đuối pressure allows Benrahma lớn find Antonio in the box, & his shot is blocked well by Keane. Still no changes for either side, three quarters of the trò chơi done.

65’ - Benrahma cross into the box, và Keane does well to lớn dissuade Soucek in the air.

62’ - Rondon darts out left & wins a corner. Taken short but cleared, and three Everton players get in each other’s way trying to lớn shoot. Comes khổng lồ Iwobi from outside the box and his low volleyed cross-shot goes wide with no one going for it. Rondon needs to make more of those darting runs that DCL often does.

60’ - The matching 4-2-3-1 formations has made for a more xuất hiện game, Everton are seeing more of the ball but that is giving the Hammers more space too when they vị get the ball.

56’ - Another corner, Bowen wins it off Digne. Godfrey clears và Doucoure starts a break, but a misplaced pass from Townsend ends that.

53’ - Digne concedes a needless corner. Taken deep, Pickford palms it wide for another corner on the other side. Taken short, comes to lớn Benrahma for a shot, Pickford collects & starts a counter. Iwobi pressure Johnson and he puts the ball out for a throw. Coleman gets adventurous & tries a left-footed shot from inside the box, well wide.

52’ - Another lovely move and Townsend’s left-footed cross bends towards the far post.. Rondon gets just a touch on it with a stooping header & it’s wide! So close!!

50’ - Gray finds Digne, lovely cross into the box & Iwobi controls, swivels and shoots! Ogbonna blocks for a corner & that could have gone anywhere. Poor corner, và it goes all the way back khổng lồ Pickford.

46’ - No changes for either side và Everton get us underway.Gray runs down the left & sends a lovely low ball through the six yard box, no one gambled and made a run.

Halftime Thoughts - Everton have simply not done enough to get và hold the ball, và even though they had the better chances in the second half, it was more a hàng hóa of Rafa’s counterattacking style.

45+1’ - Halftime, still 0-0 at Goodison.

44’ - Townsend fouled level with the box on the right, his freekick is cleared for a throw. Ball lands back in the box and Coleman about to pull the trigger và it’s blocked to lớn go for a corner.Corner is cleared. One minute of time added on.

42’ - Bowen puts the ball out not sure who was behind him after a Townsend cross into the box. Fabianski retrieves the corner & West si mê set off on a counter, and Antonio shoots from about thirty-plus yards out, and it almost hits the very vị trí cao nhất row of the stand.

41’ - Mina warming up here, is Benitez thinking of a back-three in the second half to lớn get more bodies in the middle?

38’ - Antonio looks lớn have shoved Godfrey who concedes a corner on the Everton right. Rondon clears, another corner. Soucek outswinger, Bowen shot blocked, then another shot from inside the box is blocked. Now Fornals beats Coleman và tries to find the far post, wide with Pickford rooted to lớn the spot. Whew.

37’ - Everton have moved into more of a 4-2-3-1 than a 4-4-2 now, with Gray out wide on the left và Iwobi at #10. Immediately Gray has a shooting chance but doesn’t catch it well & it runs lớn Fabianski.

35’ - Good run from Benrahma through the Everton defence, Bowen shot well-saved by Pickford và Soucek is on hand khổng lồ smash home! Offside!! Whew.

33’ - Gray controls well again & lets Townsend run down the right, his cross is good, Doucoure gets a head khổng lồ it but heads down và wide. Blues finally getting some attacking chances here.

31’ - Fornals sliding in late on Townsend and he’s in the book too now. Better from Iwobi, gets a nice cross into the box from the left, và Fabianski punches away smartly with Rondon lurking. Better spell for the Blues.

28’ - Gray does brilliantly on the right khổng lồ control và then send in a low cross, & Iwobi completely fluffs his line, missing the ball. Looks like Rondon reaching for the ball might have thrown him off, but from six yards out that is a bad miss.

22’ - Everton get vertical lượt thích they have been looking lớn do và it ends with a Digne cross into the box, but no real chance emerges from this. Better. Midway through the first half - Everton have held their shape và are doing decently when West si mê have the ball, but need a lot more from their players in the opposing half. West tê mê have 80% possession of the ball so far.

20’ - Pickford punches a cross clear with danger lurking, & then a shot inside the box by Bowen is blocked. This pressure seems untenable.

17’ - Finally an attacking move from the Toffees. Coleman breaks down the right, finds Townsend whose cross into the box is over Rondon & ahead of Iwobi.Now Iwobi finds Digne, good cross into the box is cleared, falls to lớn Doucoure outside the box, shot is wild.

15’ - Rice & Soucek >> Allan và Doucoure so far. Everton unable lớn put any pressure on West ham high and they are entering the Blues half very easily.

11’ - First shot from the trò chơi is Benrahma getting a boot on a Godfrey clearance, hoofed over.

10’ - Antonio booked for a dive! Felt a bit harsh from the ref Stuart Atwell, Michael Keane was late but didn’t make too much tương tác and the forward went down outside the box.

9’ - Still all West đam mê here as Everton are struggling lớn control possession.

5’ - Hammers controlling the ball as expected, Everton have had chances to lớn break but the passing has been off.

1’ - Underway at Goodison!

Starting Lineups - Rafa Benitez has predictably gone with Seamus Coleman và Alex Iwobi khổng lồ come back into the lineup. No Ellis Simms on the bench, with Harry Tyrer in as the third goalie.

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