90+2min: Another dead ball opportunity for Chelsea with James taking again, but his ball is looping high far post and United clear. Chelsea win baông chồng the 50/50 and Mount has a pop on goal easily saved. On the other end, Fred has a shot on goal that Mendy parries bachồng into lớn danger.

Bạn đang xem: Extended highlights: manchester united 4, chelsea 0

90min: 3 additional minutes

89min: James’ delivery is over hit and United spring a counter that McTomini luckily misplays with Kante cutting off the cut baông chồng. Another counter defended well by Kante.

88min: Shaw decides lớn venture forward with the ball only for Dave lớn easily strip the ball away to lớn start a counter which ends up going nowhere. Chelsea win a không tính phí kiông xã.

86min: Pulisic is found in the half space and races towards goal firing in a wild shot that goes high

85min: Kante wins baông chồng possession và finds Werner who fires in a low shot that De Gea saves

83min: James fires in a cross lớn Werner making a far post run, but Lindelof gets a boot on it. Apparently not a Chelsea corner from Atwell.

82min: Pulisic causes Shaw khổng lồ make an errant pass, only for Shaw lớn race bachồng to foul hlặng, but Atwell deems the challenge not worthy of a call

80min: Maguire yellow carded for fouling Pulisic as Maguire is unable lớn move sầu his feet fast enough to keep up. Free kichồng to lớn Chelsea và Mount takes but AC is only able to lớn flick on to lớn no one running in behind.

78min: Greenwood OFF; Martial ON. Ziyech OFF; Werner ON

76min: Daniel James races down the right touchline & hits a cross that Mendy slight mishandles at first as he dives to ground to lớn collect. At the other end, Pulisic turns Lindelof và fires in a cross near post but no one making the run.

74min: Kovacic has a pop on goal from range that De Gea easily catches. Chelsea win baông chồng possession and Dave has a shot from range that is low but De Gea easily collects.

70min: With United pushing up higher & looking lớn attachồng more, there is space available in behind Untied’s backline for Pulisic lớn run inlớn with balls over the top & behind

68min: Fred has an effort from range & curls it high and wide of goal

66min: Giroud OFF; Pulisic ON

65min: Rudiger having himself a defensive moment blocking & disrupting United’s attack

64min: Mount plays a wall pass with Ziyech at the halfway line và races towards goal with only Giroud ahead of hlặng. He cuts onlớn he left in the box & fires a shot that De Gea parries. Ziyech almost latches on the rebound but is unable lớn connect. Movement ends with a Giroud handball

62min: United’s corner is cleared by Chelsea, but they win the ball baông xã and switch it to lớn Rashford who has a tame shot saved by Mendy

60min: United bear down goal with an overlapping Shaw crossing it far post lớn Wan-Bissaka who lays it off khổng lồ McTomini forcing a save sầu from Mendy. Chilwell fouls Greenwood as the ensuing play continues và he is yellow carded

59min: Chelsea get away with one, as they thua trận possession high up the pitch. Bruno gets on the ball & races in between Rudiger và Dave sầu, but his cross khổng lồ Rashford racing up the left is over hit and United’s break is over

58min: Mount races down the right with another counter attaông xã opportunity, but his pass lớn the overlapping Ziyech is deflected và the opportunity wanes, although Chelsea win the ball baông chồng và keep possession

56min: United concede a corner as Chilwell & Giroud progress the ball up the left flank. Mount’s corner is taken short to lớn James whose deliver far post is dreadful. Just as bad as the very first corner taken short.

52min: Daniel James collects a cross just in front of the ‘D’, but his shot is blocked out for United corner. Shaw’s corner delivery is headed clear by Giroud and Chelsea spring a counter. Ziyech collects it wide right and has a shot blocked cutting on his left

50min: Fred goes in hard from behind Mount và is shown a yellow.

48min: Chilwell races down the left cutting in a ball lớn Ziyech whose shot is saved by De Gea. James pounces on the rebound but his effort is blocked. Closer!

46min: A surprising change after the half, as Chelsea look lớn continue in the same system as the first, with James playing wingbaông chồng. CHO is shown on the bench with ice packs wrapped on his left knee. Hopefully it’s not serious

SECOND HALF: CHO has been taken off and Reece James is on.

Halftime musings:

How good was Chelsea’s defensive sầu efforts and counterpress? Per Squawka, every Chelsea player (bar Mendy) recorded a tackle or interception. The effort was there from the start defensively. Just need to find some finishing.

✓ Azpilicueta✓ Christensen✓ Rüdiger✓ Hudson-Odoi✓ Kanté✓ Kovačić✓ Chilwell✓ Mount✓ Ziyech✓ GiroudEvery outfield Chelsea player made at least one successful tackle or interception in the first half vs Man Utd.

— Squawka Football (

HALF-TIME: Solidly comfortable from the Blues, but the scoreline still 0-0.

45+1min: Chelsea give sầu up the ball in the midfield và United almost get a solid effort on goal as a result. Fortunately, their cut bachồng finds a Chelsea player.

45min: 2 added minutes

44min: Christensen heads clear James’ cross, which had he not done so, Bruno was likely in on goal behind hlặng. United eventually win a corner. Mendy swipes at the corner và directs it clear.

43min: United win another corner & Dave easily clears. United win baông chồng possession & are forced backwards by Chelsea’s counterpress

42min: Chelsea’s energy today is at a cấp độ above United’s this half. Kovacic broke up two passes all by himself by throwing himself khổng lồ the ground lớn stretch his leg’s into lớn the path of the ball.

39min: Ziyech is down holding his head after Lindelof clatters in behind hyên. That’s the second player (other was Giroud) Lindelof fouled hard on a 50/50. No thẻ.

38min: Rashford runs inlớn the truyền thông boards pretty hard chasing down another ball over the top. Looks khổng lồ be in a bit of pain, but walks it off.

Xem thêm: Youtube - Tom And Jerry

36min: Giroud achingly cchiến bại khổng lồ get a head onkhổng lồ CHO’s cross. He’s looking a bit banged up from that effort also. That was inches away from a goal.

35min: United win a corner, & Shaw delivers. Kante clears easily. Shaw takes a minute to lớn throw the ball baông xã into lớn play and Chelsea immediately win it back. This has been a recurring theme all match.

34min: Watching Mount run lượt thích a dog chasing cars on the street is really something. He’s pressing high all by himself at times.

32min: Giroud picks up De Gea’s dreadful clearance ~30 yards out, but one-times it over the goal. Probably had time lớn take a touch there.

30min: One thing lớn keep an eye on is Rashford looking to run directly behind Christensen with more frequency as of late. Christensen has done well this far, but may need more help as United look to lớn switch khổng lồ long balls over the top to get at Chelsea’s defense

28min: Chelsea’s counter press has been relentless today. Despite some dreadful passing, Chelsea have hounded United quickly to lớn win baông xã possession và transition into lớn a break at such a fast pace. Only thing missing is over product

26min: CHO putting in the defensive sầu effort today, winning the ball bachồng và starting a counter with Chelsea switching from right to left. Mount fires an early cross but no one making the far post run

24min: Kante’s presence in the midfield to lớn disrupt anything United has been a blessing và a delight through the match so far. As I type this, he gives the ball up with a dangerous pass in front of our box... defensively great so far, however suspect on the ball

22min: Chelsea launch a fast counter with Mount switching it to CHO from left khổng lồ the right. CHO races down và lays it off for Dave sầu, who wall passes it back lớn CHO on the edge of the box khổng lồ hit a shot just wide far post.

20min: Chelsea through the first quarter of the match look very, very comfortable. Momentum seems to lớn favor the Blues, with possession và solid defending cutting out any United attaông chồng before it can become more dangerous. Hopefully this continues

18min: Lindelof & Giroud collide on a 50/50 near the halfway line, & Atwell awards Chelsea the không tính phí kick from Lindelof’s foul.

15min: Ref Stuart Atwell is checking VAR for a possible handball. Atwell decides CHO did not handle the ball in the box, và it’s a drop ball to lớn United.

14min: Rashford hits it well but Mendy punches it clear. Chelsea spring the counter, but are forced to probe again as United get baông xã inlớn a solid shell quickly. Ziyech fires in a low shot ~25 yards out, but De Gea easily collects

12min: Mount and McTominay collide, with Mount pulling out of high boot and McTominay landing on Mount. Unsurprisingly, McTominay is awarded the không tính tiền kiông xã despite his high boot creating the tương tác...

10min: Ensuing corner is headed out by Maguire và United spring a counter through Rashford, but Chilwell does well cutting off a cross inkhổng lồ Greenwood.

8min: Chelsea defends Rashford’s attacking movement on our right really well, with Dave cutting off his run. They play it out of danger fast và efficiently to spring a counter which is eventually slowed down as Chelsea begin to lớn probe left to lớn right lớn work an attaông xã into lớn another corner.

6min: Rudiger goes on a long adventure taking the ball from box lớn box, however end hàng hóa is lacking as he gives up possession with a lackluster cross inkhổng lồ the box.

4min: In possession, Chelsea seem to lớn be settling in with 3 at the bachồng & Chilwell/CHO as the wingbacks. While CHO is much higher, Chilwell seems khổng lồ be advanced as well.

3min: Chelsea take the corner short and it is dreadful. Wasted opportunity.

2min: At the moment, it does look lượt thích Chelsea are mix up in a baông chồng 4, with Chilwell withdrawn and CHO high up the right. Mount fires a cross khổng lồ Giroud on the far post and Shaw defends it well. Chelsea corner.

KICKOFF: The players are out, Chelsea in their home blues và United in their red/trắng kits. Players take a knee & Bruno kicks it off!

Tuchel’s unbeaten start khổng lồ life at Chelsea faces another big chạy thử as away-specialists Manchester United come lớn town. A Chelsea win would see us move bachồng into fourth, và only three points behind both United & Leicester City, who lost to lớn Arsenal earlier today.

Tuchel’s either gone with a standard 3-4-3 with Chilwell at wing-bachồng, or he’s gone with a 4-2-3-1 with Hudson-Odoi in attaông xã. Given that it’s Ziyech starting, perhaps it’s the latter option?

Meanwhile, McTominay has miraculously recovered for United.

Here we go.

Chelsea starting lineup (4-2-3-1?):Mendy | Chilwell, Rüdiger, Christensen, Azpilicueta (c) | Kovačić, Kanngã | Hudson-Odoi, Mount, Ziyech | Giroud

Substitutes from: Arrizabalaga, James, Emerson, Alonso, Jorginho, Havertz, Pulisic, Werner

Manchester United starting (4-2-3-1):De Gea | Shaw, Lindelof, Maguire (c), Wan-Bissaka | Fred, McTomini | D.James, B.Fernandes, Greenwood | Rashford

Substitutes from: Henderson, Alex Telles, Bailly, Tuanzebe, Williams, Matić, Van de Beek, Amad, Martial

Date / Time: Sunday, February 28, 2021, 16.30 GMT; 11:30am EST; 10pm ISTVenue: Stamford Bridge, SW6Referee: Stuart Attwell (on pitch); Chris Kavanagh (VAR)

On TV: Sky Sports Main Event (UK); NBCSN, Telemunvì (USA); Star Sports Select HD1 (India); SuperSport Premier League, Canal+ Sport 3 (NGA); elsewhereStreaming: Sky Go (UK); NBC Sports Live, Telemunbởi Deportes En Vivo (USA); Hotstart (India); DStv Now (NGA)

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