Tottenmê man were without their star player & a goal down following the trang chủ leg of their 2018/19 urlser.com Champions League semi-final decider against Ajax. Cue drama.

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Aiming khổng lồ reach their first ever European Cup final, Spurs seemed lớn have sầu come lớn the end of their tether, a 1-0 home page defeat khổng lồ Erik ten Hag’s outrageously gifted young Ajax side leaving them with a mountain khổng lồ climb in Amsterdam – one that seemed that little bit steeper with striker Harry Kane out injured. Ajax had lost just once in 24 home games, & were fresh from winning the Dutch Cup. Mauricio Pochettino’s only pre-match consolation was that his side could go for broke: “We need to feel more freedom khổng lồ play, because we have sầu nothing khổng lồ chiến bại.”

Key players

Lucas Moura: The tricky winger was used khổng lồ playing a supporting role at Spurs, but had some extraordinary moments – not least the first hat-triông chồng in their new stadium, during an April 2019 meeting with Huddersfield. He would top that in Amsterdam.

Christian Eriksen: Smothered for most of the first leg, Spurs ex-Ajax playmaker would be called upon to lead the resistance as the tie concluded in his old trang chính stadium. The Denmark international had inspired Spurs lớn new heights in 2018/19.

Matthijs de Ligt: The youngest captain in urlser.com Champions League history, the 19-year-old defender was turning heads around Europe. He scored the winner against Juventus lớn take Ajax to their first urlser.com Champions League semis since 1996/97.

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What happened

Ajax extended their aggregate advantage as early as the fifth minute when captain Matthijs de Ligt headed in a corner, & ten minutes before half-time it was 2-0, Hakim Ziyech on target. Spurs refused to lớn be downhearted, and Lucas Moura struck twice in the space of five sầu second-half minutes khổng lồ màn chơi the score on the night.

Ajax retained the aggregate lead, và with both sides committed khổng lồ attack, chances continued khổng lồ flow at both ends, Ziyech"s 20-metre shot coming back off the post before Jan Vertonghen tuông struông chồng the crossbar. Just as it looked as if Ajax would resist, however, Moura swept into the net in the final seconds of added time, completing his hat-triông chồng & a comebachồng for the ages.


Mauricio Pochettino, Tottenham manager: "Thank you, football, thank you lớn my players. I have a group of players who are heroes. The second half was amazing. It is impossible khổng lồ live sầu this type of emotion without football. To describe this in words is difficult."

Lucas Moura, Tottenham mê forward: "We gave sầu everything on the pitch & deserved this moment – we are family. It"s difficult khổng lồ play here against Ajax but I always believed in my team-mates. Football is amazing – it gives us a moment like this. We cannot imagine. It"s the best moment in my career."

Christian Eriksen, Tottenmê say midfielder: "It was a ridiculous game; we were really far down, we tried to fight baông chồng, we were just lucky. Lucas Moura – he"s how we won the game. I hope he gets a statue in England after this, we are blown away."

Elsewhere that evening

England had barely recovered from Liverpool’s 4-0 success against Barcelona the previous night when Spurs’ triumphed. The only other games played in urlser.com competitions that Wednesday were in the urlser.com Women’s Uncder-17 Championship finals in Bulgaria: Bulgaria 0-3 Spain, Denmark 0-1 Portugal, Germany 2-3 Netherlands, Austria 1-2 England.


Moura became only the tenth player khổng lồ receive sầu a 10/10 player rating from France’s notoriously tough L"Équipe sports paper, but he did not make the starting lineup for the final. Harry Kane was fit for the decider in Madrid, but Liverpool were too svào for Spurs, goals from Mohamed Salah & Divochồng Origi punctuating a 2-0 win for the Reds.

That extraordinary Ajax squad was left much depleted following the summer transfer window; De Ligt left for Juventus, while the other crown jewel – midfielder Frenkie de Jong – was transferred to Barcelomãng cầu.

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