Lamborghini huracán

Highs Acceleration that induces heart palpitations, V-10 sounds that reveal supercar status, not punishing during normal use. Lows Unlocking its potential requires a racetraông chồng, most people can only dream of owning one, few places khổng lồ store stuff. Verdict The Huracán has all the hallmarks of a supercar, particularly extreme performance & undeniable pageantry.


No matter how affordable & badass the mid-engine Corvette is, it"s still nowhere near as desirable or visceral as the 2021 Lamborghini Huracán. Although the Lambo"s six-figure price tag makes it basically unobtainable to the vast majority of drivers, we can still drool over its dramatic design và drop our jaws when we learn about its impressive sầu performance credentials. The latter are courtesy of its mid-mounted 602-hp naturally aspirated V-10, which makes truly inspiring sounds và helps both the coupe and convertible (a.k.a. Spyder) version feel like they are launched out of a cannon. Despite its designation as an exotic sports oto và the ability to obliterate lap times at the local racetrachồng, the 2021 Huracán is civil enough to lớn be driven every day. However, packing light is a necessity because storage space is at a premium.

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What"s New for 2021?

For 2021, the only changes lớn the Huracán are new exterior và interior color options. The paint palette adds Rosso Anteros, Blu Astraeus, & Blu Eleos. The interior color options have sầu been expanded lớn include Giallo Belenus.

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Pricing & Which One khổng lồ Buy

We think the rear-drive Huracán Evo is the most intriguing Mã Sản Phẩm, especially with its significant discount and encouragement of tail-out antics. The sheer variety of paint options means the odds are better that few models will look the same, and we"d recommend the added presence that either of the optional 20-inch wheels provide. Inside, we"d go with the Carbon Skin package that makes the cabin look sportier, & we"d choose the more supportive sầu sport seats. Finally, we"d select Life Style and Driver Paông chồng that includes a useful lifting system lớn help avoid front-over damage, smartphone integration, a cupholder, carbon-ceramic brakes, và adaptive dampers—ahy vọng other things.

Engine, Transmission, và Performance

A naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V-10 is nestled behind the Huracán"s cabin, và it exudes a devilish sound whenever it revs towards its 8500-rpm redline. The engine develops 602 horsepower on rear-drive sầu models and 631 ponies on all-wheel-drive sầu versions. It pairs with a seven-tốc độ dual-clutch automatic that snaps off shifts on its own volition or via a mix of paddle shifters. The all-wheel-drive sầu Evo coupe we tested ripped from zero to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds và cleared the quarter-mile in 10.4 seconds at 135 mph. We also enjoyed a kiểm tra drive sầu in the convertible Evo Spyder, which proved high performance is always more enjoyable with a bit of theater. Huracáns with all-wheel drive sầu benefit from rear-wheel steering that improves agility. Plus, it has a predictive system (called LDVI) that adapts to lớn driver inputs on the fly. While we were mightily impressed with its communicative chassis, the disappointing steering feedbaông chồng diminished our excitement. Instead, it proved khổng lồ be a forgiving machine—even when driven around town—that required us lớn push the limits to lớn be truly fulfilled.

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