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Michael Bisping và Cung Le will meet in the main event of UFC Fight Night 48 this Saturday from Macau.

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Bisping, the No. 8-ranked middleweight contender, will try khổng lồ rebound after losing khổng lồ Tim Kennedy earlier this year. Le has not fought since 2012 when he went 2-0 against Patriông xã Cote and Rich Franklin.

The English middleweight needs a win lớn make one last run up the contender ladder, but Le will try lớn add another victory to lớn his resume as his career dwindles down in his twilight years as an athlete. The two love khổng lồ stand and exchange, which should provide fireworks for the fans in attendance.

The fight airs exclusively on UFC Fight Pass with a morning start time for the American audience. The main thẻ kicks off at 9 a.m. ET.

This should be an exciting matchup in the 185-pound division. Let"s break down the action that will come your way this weekend.

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Kin Cheung/Associated Press

The striking battle between Bisping & Le will be very interesting to watch.

Le has more to his arsenal. He is a flashy striker with knockout power. Bisping, on the other hand, is a volume striker who primarily uses his boxing.

The Brit does throw some kicks but not too many.

Bisping has all of the tools lớn create problems for Le standing, but I"ll still give Le the edge. With a few more tools lớn work with & more power, Le has his biggest opportunity to lớn win the fight while on the feet. Bisping does not want lớn end up like Rich Franklin.

Le"s versatility & power give sầu hyên ổn the edge.

Edge: Le

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The grappling aspect of this fight is closer than most realize.

Le"s Sanshou background has given hyên ổn plenty of useful skills to take down his opponent. We were witness lớn several throws while he was in Strikeforce.

Bisping has developed his wrestling continually in MMA, but he is still not a great wrestler.

Their offensive sầu grappling is fairly even, but defensively Bisping is a superior grappler. He has good balance on his feet, và once on the mat he is able khổng lồ quickly pop baông xã up. If an opponent is able to lớn keep hyên down, he is able to avoid danger.

While their offensive sầu grappling is comparable, the defensive side gives an advantage to Bisping.

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Edge: Bisping

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Jayne Russell/Getty Images

If there is one thing fans và pundits won"t be expecting, it is a submission.

Bisping has never submitted anyone inside the Octagon. His last submission was his final non-UFC bout bachồng in 2005. Le has never submitted anyone in his MMA career.

Both men have sầu the knowledge to lớn submit their opponent, but they are not submission stylists in the slighkiểm tra.

Bisping has at least shown the ability lớn lochồng in a submission in an MMA conthử nghiệm. I"ll side with the proven commodity & not take a chance on Le.

Edge: Bisping

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Kin Cheung/Associated Press

Bisping"s X-Factor: Striking Defense

Bisping"s career striking defense stands at 69 percent. However, in his last outing against Tyên Kennedy, he was hit a lot. Was that due to lớn coming off an eye injury, or was that credit to lớn Kennedy"s work? The truth likely lies somewhere in the middle.

Kennedy landed 51 significant strikes throughout the fight. Can Le replicate that feat?

If Bisping shows that his defense is baông xã up khổng lồ where it has been throughout his career, he can likely weather most of Le"s storm.

Le"s X-Factor: Cardio

Le has never had much cardio, but he will certainly need to have sầu it against Bisping.

Bisping is a volume & pressure fighter. He wears fighters down, & he has 25 minutes to lớn work with this weekend. He can drag Le into lớn deep water—somewhere he has not been in his career.

If Le gasses early, then this becomes a very easy fight for Bisping.

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Jayne Russell/Getty Images

If Le is going khổng lồ win this fight, he"ll have sầu to bởi vì it early, và I cannot envision how that happens against Bisping.

Bisping is tough, but more importantly he has good defense. Even if he loses the opening round, he won"t put himself in much danger of being finished. He will make Le work, and therein lies the problem for Le.

Bisping"s volume và pressure will tire hlặng out quickly. Bisping will take over the fight. Le has five sầu lớn seven minutes khổng lồ win the fight. Bisping will either raông xã up points en route to a clean-cut decision or finish the fight.

I lean toward the latter.

A tired Le will wilt. Bisping takes a takedown in the second round and delivers ground-and-pound until the referee stops the action.

Prediction: Bisping defeats Le by TKO in the second round

All stats provided by FightMetric.

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