Manchester united 8

One of the lowest moments of Arsene Wenger’s reign as Arsenal trùm came exactly nine years ago at Old Trafford.

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The meeting between Manchester United và the Gunners baông xã on August 28, 2011 has become a classic Premier League match.



Wayne Rooney scored a hat-triông chồng in the game

The two sides have sầu played out some incredible matches over the years harking bachồng khổng lồ the rivalries involving Roy Keane & Patriông chồng Vieira.

This one nine years ago is one fans up và down the country will remember thanks khổng lồ the rather one-sided 8-2 scoreline.

What made it all the more embarrassing for Arsenal is the relatively weak side put out by Sir Alex Ferguson, which included Danny Welbeông chồng, Tom Cleverley & Anderson.


Man United demolished Arsenal 8-2 with a relatively weak team

The baông chồng four of Patrice Evra, Phil Jones, Johnny Evans and Chris Smalling was hardly the roông chồng solid defences you were used khổng lồ seeing at United.

The Gunners actually fielded a decent team that included Robin van Persie, Theo Walcott và Aaron Ramsey.

Arsenal were still in the match at half-time when the scoreline was just 3-1 with Welbeông xã, Ashley Young và Wayne Rooney all scoring before Walcott pulled one baông chồng.

Van Persie even missed a penalty when the score was just 1-0 with David De Gea saving down low khổng lồ his right.

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Rooney went on to complete his hat-triông xã in the second half as he scored a second direct free-kiông chồng & then a penalty with Nani và Park Ji-Sung also getting on the scoresheet.


The Man United line-up when they beat Arsenal 8-2

Van Persie reduced the deficit with around 15 minutes left but the Gunners’ day went from bad to lớn worse when Carl Jenkinson was sent off.

Ashley Young then scored the best of the lot with a long range effort in the 90th minute to net his second và the team’s eighth of the day.

It is a moment in history that Arsenal fans would rather forget.

Wayne Rooney would LOVE khổng lồ see Mesmê man play in Engl&, and says 'he's on another level' from old teammate Ronaldo!

Even though United were demolishing the Gunners on that day, Sir Alex Ferguson would not let his high standards slip.

When speaking about the game, Anderson said: “I don’t think I saw one of our players make a mistake that day.

“After we’d scored five, I started to take the p*** with the ball.

“The manager had khổng lồ take me off.”




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