Nam huỳnh đạo vs karate

You’ve heard of scammers pretending lớn be grandmasters or senseis of a martial art just for money, but given all the real talent around the world, you would think that they would never try it. Even in this day and age, however, swindlers still exist, and you have to be wary of them.

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Take this seemingly-fake Kung Fu “grandmaster” from Vietnam, for example. Huỳnh thiên tài is a self-professed Vietnamese “grandmaster” (and self-proclaimed descendant of Nguyễn Huỳnh Đức, an 18th-century Vietnamese general, and Kung Fu master). Huỳnh hào kiệt claims lớn be teaching a Vietnamese school of Kung Fu called “Nam Huynh Dao,” và is putting his work out in public with a đoạn clip demonstrating his skills. Phái mạnh Huynh Dao was established in 1991, & since then has had thousands of students và masters learning the martial art — as can be seen in one of his videos.


While one can say that it’s too easy to call him a fake, his videos seem too good (or too bad) to be true. In them, he is seen demonstrating some apparently very simple techniques — if his motions can even be called such — that seem lớn repel his students with ease! The stances & movements he uses appear very simple, khổng lồ the point of looking soft & ineffective, despite being clearly designed lớn work in real-life, close-quarter scenarios. At first glance, it looks lượt thích his students are merely overreacting just to make him look strong & credible, although it’s entirely possible that the truth may be completely different.

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It’s also possible that Huynh’s age & build (he’s not exactly the fittest of martial artists) make him appear too slow và uncoordinated to lớn be correctly selling the techniques he’s demonstrating. There must be some truth lớn what he’s teaching, as there are many commenters on YouTube defending his brand of Kung Fu from critics.

One thing’s for sure; his students better hope that all the techniques he’s been teaching them are effective in a real-life situation. Otherwise, in the unfortunate case that they over up in a real fight, they may find themselves equipped with worthless moves that won’t help them.

What vị you think of phái mạnh Huynh Dao? Are its students being fooled?
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