Instagram'S 'Rich Kids Of Vietnam'

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It"s good to be a rich kid. richkidsofvietnam_/Instagram

The INSIDER Summary:

Instagram"s "Rich Kids of Vietnam" enjoy shopping sprees, wildly expensive sầu designer items, and luxurious bubble baths.

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Some of the Rich Kids are actually children, while others are young adults who drive themselves around in sports cars.Traditional Vietnamese pho seems to lớn go well with wine và caviar.Whether it"s Vietnamese dongs or American dollars, these rich kids are rolling in dough.

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The "Rich Kids of X" brand has inspired TV shows, books, and lifestyle websites, and Instagram accounts showcasing how young people in places lượt thích Hong Kong, Switzerl&, and Dubai enjoy their opulent wealth.

"Rich Kids of Vietnam" features submissions from young, wealthy citizens of the Southeast Asian country known for its delicious food & rich culturegoing about their business on private jets with designer bags in hvà.

Here"s how the Rich Kids of Vietphái nam spkết thúc their fortunes.

Livin the lux life

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