We know that the release date will be 13 May, so it"s time lớn start planning your conquest of the new Royale Pass!

It"s sure khổng lồ be crammed full of skins, emotes, & rewards at all 100 levels.

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Royale Pass price

The Royale Pass gives players a number of benefits, all earned through playing the game khổng lồ unlochồng them.


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Benefits are often cosmetic, but they’re still great khổng lồ look at and are very sought by players.

There is a không lấy phí Royale Pass, which lets you earn rewards up to lớn rank 60, but not beyond.

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To get those rewards you"ll need khổng lồ purchase either the Elite or Elite Plus pass.

The Elite pass will cost you 600UC, or £9.99. The Elite Plus pass will be £29.99 - that"s a lot but it will take you straight to rank 25.

Royale Pass Price in India

There are two different tiers of the Season 13 Royale Pass.

The regular Royale Pass will cost 600 UC, which translates lớn roughly 775 Indian Rupees.

The Elite Royale Pass will cost 1800 UC, which translates to lớn roughly 2,325 Indian Rupees.

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There are several ways lớn earn UC, especially if you’ve sầu purchased a Royale Pass in a previous season, in which case you are able to lớn grind 600 UC lớn get your regular Season 13 Royale Pass for không tính phí.


There"s a whole host of rewards attached khổng lồ the Royale Pass.

With the Season 13 theme of "Toys Playground", we can expect a lot of nostalgia within the rewards.

Look out for skins, outfits, & more that are inspired by lego, Power Rangers, & other childhood toys.

Royale Pass leaks

Thanks to the Golden Pan we know a few of the rewards that Royale Pass players can look foward too in the coming season.


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FEARSOME: Earning this skin will let people know you mean business

Some of the PUBG mobile Season 13 Royale Pass rewards along with RP 100 Reward is as follows:

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Lego Inspired Vector SkinLego Inspired P92 Pistol SkinPadded Leather SetUnique HeadgearSeason 13 Themed Airplane FinishSeason 13 Themed ParachuteTribal Set with Ram Skull MaskRP 100 Outfit – Choice between Lava Superman/Flash Superman

That"s pretty cool!


There are a host of emotes coming with Season 13.

You can see all of the leaked emotes in this video.

Update 0.18.0


Before Season 13 arrives, we get update 0.18.0!

With it comes a Mad Miramar event, new guns, và even extra game modes.

Update 0.18.0 patch notes

The patch notes for update 0.18.0 are here và they are extensive!

There are a lot of gameplay improvements, bug fixes, and even a new currency. is supported by its audience. When you purchasethrough liên kết on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.Learn more
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