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Tokyo, Japan, May 7, 2015―In July, Toyota will take the next step toward realizing the full potential of the i-Road ultra-compact EV concept by launching the open Road Project in Tokyo. Lớn encourage the practical, convenient and fun use of the i-Road on đô thị streets, Toyota will seek creative input and feedback from both specialist companies và members of the public focusing on two key areas: finding convenient parking & encouraging customization.

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For details, see the press release here
"Cité lib by Ha:mo", a New Type of Urban Mobility Based on Ultra-Compact Electric Vehicles Connected khổng lồ Public Transport, Launches in Grenoble, France

The clean thành phố of tomorrow will see personal electric mobility harmoniously connected khổng lồ public transport systems. By sharing this vision, five partners―the đô thị of Grenoble, France, its metropolitan area Grenoble-Alpes Metropole, EDF & its affiliate Sodetrel, Toyota Motor Corporation và Cité lib―launched today a new service called "Cité lib by Ha:mo".

For details, see the press release here
Grenoble, "Smart City" from October with "Citélib by Ha:mo", an innovative 100% electric car-sharing scheme connected khổng lồ public transport

You hear a lot about future mobility, smart cities, và other innovations designed to make cities & urban transport more pleasant & manageable in years lớn come. Concrete examples, however, are still few và far between. When the back-to-school season begins after this summer, this dream will become a reality in Grenoble & the outlying area, making the French Alps city a pioneer in future mobility.

For details, see the press release here

Residents of Toyota City, Japan, might be wondering what they just saw on the street. If it had three wheels and was leaning around a corner, it was the "i-Road", Toyota"s ultra-compact all-electric, all-fun concept.

For details, see the press release here

Tokyo, Japan, March 20, 2014―Toyota Motor Corporation announces the start of consumer trials of the "i-Road" personal mobility vehicle in the Greater Tokyo Area. The limited trials, which aim to lớn gauge the effectiveness of the electric vehicle in everyday situations in urban areas, will run from March 24 through early June.

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For details, see the press release here
Toyota thành phố Optimized Urban Transport System to lớn Expand―TMC to lớn Exhibit "Toyota i-Road" Personal Mobility Concept oto at CEATEC japan 2013―

Toyota City, Japan, September 26, 2013―Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announces that it will expand the "Ha:mo"1 optimized urban transport system undergoing operational trials in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture since October 2012. The expansion will take effect on October 1.

For details, see the press release here

Toyota City, Japan, March 4, 2013―Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) will debut the "Toyota i-Road" personal mobility concept at the 83rd Geneva International Motor Show1 to lớn be held in Geneva, Switzerland from March 5 through 17. The concept, a three-wheeler with motorcycle-like maneuverability, is ideally suited for short-distance urban travel and was designed to be a new way lớn enjoy mobility.

For details, see the press release here

Tokyo, February 25, 2015―Starting in April, Park24 Co., Ltd. & Toyota Motor Corporation will trial a car sharing service in central Tokyo using the Toyota "i-Road", an ultra-compact three-wheeled electric vehicle. The i-Road, designed for flexibility and ease of use, will be paired with Park24"s "Times oto Plus" service, which allows members khổng lồ use giới thiệu cars at any time of day or night. The trial will also incorporate elements from Toyota"s "Ha:mo" optimized urban transport system.

For details, see the press release here

North Texas residents met the i-Road, three wheeled electric vehicle, và COMS, super-compact electric vehicle, last weekend at the American Airlines center in Dallas. The 65 participants spent time taking the cars through their paces, answering questions about their driving preferences, how ultra-compact electric vehicles could be used in their daily lives, and providing hàng hóa feedback to lớn Toyota researchers.

For details, see the press release here

Tokyo, September 29, 2015―Starting next month, Park24 Co., Ltd. And Toyota Motor Corporation will expand the scope & scale of their joint oto sharing service trial in central Tokyo. In addition to continuing to use the Toyota i-Road, the service will now also make use of the COMS, a super-compact electric vehicle produced by Toyota tự động hóa Body. A number of new locations have been added throughout central Tokyo, và the service"s vehicle management system has been overhauled with several user-friendly updates. This phase of the trial is planned khổng lồ run from October 20 through to the over of March 2016.

For details, see the press release here

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