Văn Hoá Thủ Đô

Located in the center of Hanoi, walking distance of the city's beatiful Hoan Kiem Lake and other nearby places include the Tran Quoc Pagodomain authority, Quan Tkhô cứng Temple, markets of Hang Bong và Dong Xuan. And also, easily, accessible the Water Puppet Theater. All 24 rooms are tailored satisfy guests' needs.

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Please all be aware. This man "MICHAEL" will have no qualms about robbing you. He took £200 extra of my tài khoản extra,when i paid hyên ổn for a trip to lớn HALONG BAY & a two day stay at his khách sạn. He also charged me over the odds for a very below average service luckily for me,I noticed the extra money gone out of my trương mục immediately after the transaction as i checked my trương mục online, I went downstairs to reception, & demanded to lớn know why those 200 pounds were taken for, he had no option but to lớn return my money immediately & in cash. Please take care of your money, vì chưng not be fooled by his eagerness khổng lồ help you.!!

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The manager of this khách sạn is a dishonest person. I was staying for 5 days plus a cruise in Ha Long Bay. The price was calculated according khổng lồ what was written on his brochure. He told me the price then entered something else by the time I saw the amount it was too late then he refused to refund-me. He stole 400 dollars from me & my ngân hàng could not vì chưng anything about it. This person will steal from you at any chance he'll get. As the other nhận xét say avoid this hotel at all cost.

Taken to lớn our origanal booked hotel lớn be met at the door by a man who said there was a problem with the water và he would take us khổng lồ a sister hotel. By the time we realised it was a complete scam, we had paid for the room and booked an overpriced trip to Halong Bay. The room was very noisy, not very clean & you could barely get inlớn the bathroom for the bath behind the door. It became obvious that they had no real facility lớn provide breakfast but the manager had said breakfast included. I think he got one of his staff khổng lồ cobble together something and then we had to lớn eat it in the very small lobby from a low coffee table. The hotel is some considerable distance from the centre. We tried walking along dirty dangerous streets to get to the lake & had khổng lồ give up. The khách sạn is not conveniently situated for tourists. After two nights we decided to cut our losses and leave. We had paid for five sầu nights. Even then the manager followed us on his scooter & then he offered lớn pay for a xe taxi khổng lồ another hotel. There was no way I was going lớn let him know where we were going. It was altogether a bad experience. We found anothermuch nicer & more convenient hotel và enjoyed the rest of our stay…

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