2018 Vespa Sprint 125 Review

Harkening baông xã khổng lồ the time when sporty scooters were ridden by the young and beautiful, the Sprint & its "Thể Thao Collection" sibling, the Sprint S, are a marriage of old world design & technology. I’m not going khổng lồ say "vintage," but it’s more lượt thích the first really sexy update of the vintage designs we saw in the 1960s và maybe into the 1970s. Vespa touts this as the return of the "Vespino" — a sporty small-toàn thân scooter. With a maximum tốc độ of 59 mph, you’re not heading on the highway with this little guy, but for spins around town, on the campus và local commutes, the Sprint is a sweet little ride.

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Continue reading for my review of the Vespa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp Sprint 150.


Bottom line: If it's retro size you are after, the Vespa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp Sprint 150 is your huckleberry, but if function or budget are your front-burner issues, the Smax is preferable.
With so many small-displacement scooters lớn choose from, I decided khổng lồ go with the similarly-shaped, if not quite as classic, Smax from Yamaha. In the engine category, both models see eye-to-eye at the 155 cc displacement mark, và both run with fuel injected induction. The similarities end there. Yamaha uses liquid cooling lớn vent waste heat instead of forced air, & uses a four-valve head versus the three valves on the Vespa làm đẹp. Top tốc độ numbers suggest even more differences in the drivetrain, with the Sprint producing a modest 59 mph against a solid 80 mph from the Smax.

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It’s hard khổng lồ hold a candle to the Italians when it comes to lớn scooter design, especially when dealing with a companylượt thích Piaggio that helped define the genre. While the Vespa làm đẹp definitely shows its roots, the Smax merely suggests the classic thiết kế with something of a function-over-size mentality, evidenced by the modern shape of the front fairing và windshield. To be fair, the Smax kind of needs such amenities given its stated purpose as a highway-capable ride.

So far, it all comes down to lớn taste & needs, but that changes when we compare stickers. Vespa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp is sort of like the Harley-Davidson of scooters in that part of the price is inflated by the rock-star status of the name, so it comes in at $5,399 while the Smax rolls at $3,699. That’s quite a difference for a same-size-engine scooter. Yeah, the Smax doesn’t get ABS, but it does have hydraulic disc brakes front and rear instead of a rear drum as on the Sprint, so I think the brake differences cancel each other out.

Bottom line: If it’s retro size you are after, the Vespa làm đẹp Sprint 150 is your huckleberry, but if function or budget are your front-burner issues, the Smax is preferable.

He Said

My husbvà và fellow writer, TJ Hinton, says, “As much as I like the classic design, I have a couple of bones to piông chồng. First, it is my not-so-humble opinion that if you are going lớn have sầu ABS on just one of the brakes, it needs to lớn be on the rear. ABS will not prevent the loss of lateral traction when braking in corners, so it’s mainly useful on the straights where you can actually get away with sliding the front wheel as long as you don’t also thảm bại traction at the rear, which is where rear ABS pays dividends. It allows you lớn panic brake & not wipe out. Having a drum brake on the baông chồng, you can’t benefit from rear ABS. Secondly, though the engine displacement technically makes it legal for highway travel in the U.S., it really isn’t appropriate. Where I live, if the speed limit is 50 mph, I have sầu lớn bởi 70 just lớn keep from being run over by the folks that want to vày 80. So, let me be clear; you couldn’t load me in a cannon & shoot me onto lớn the highway on a 59 mph ride of any sort, not even on a bet or a dare!”

She Said

"From a mechanic’s point of view, I lượt thích that it’s a bit easier to lớn work on the 150 cc engines after the changes that came in năm ngoái. You don’t have sầu to carry a spark plug cap with you on long trips because the coil is now mounted on the engine, not on the frame so it doesn’t break from vibration. The new cap, along with being nicely contained on the engine, has a beefy boot và the spark plug is easier lớn get khổng lồ through the access door on the frame, which is larger than it used to be. With the redesign of the suspension components from 2016, the Sprint 150 is a lot more stable and less ’divey’ than it used to be."


Engine & Drivetrain:
Engine Type:Single-cylinder Four-stroke, Three Valves, Catalyzed
Displacement:154.8 cc
Bore:58 mm
Stroke:58.6 mm
Valvetrain:SOHC - three valves (two intake, one exhaust)
Maximum Power:12.7 Horsepower at 7,750 rpm
Maximum Torque:9.4 Pound-Feet at 6,500 rpm
Fuel supply:P..I. Injection (Port injected)
Cooling:Forced Air
Transmission:Automatic Twist and Go (CVT with torque server)
Clutch:Automatic dry centrifugal clutch with vibration dampers
Frame:Body in sheet Steel with welded structural reinforcements
Front Suspension:Single arm with coil spring & dual action monoshochồng absorber, 3.1-inch travel
Rear suspension:Coil spring with adjustable preload (4 settings), và dual action hydraulic monoshoông xã, 2.8-inch travel
Front brake:Hydraulically operated 200 mm stainless steel disc with ABS
Rear brake:Mechanically operated 140 mm drum
Front tire:Die-cast aluminum alloy, Tubeless 110/ 70 - 12 inches
Rear tire:Die-cast aluminum allow, Tubeless 120/70 - 12 inches
Length:73.2 inches
Width:28.9 inches
Wheelbase:52.7 inches
Seat height:31.1 inches
Vehicle Weight:260 lbs
Max speed:59 mph
Fuel tank capacity:2.1 gallons
Fuel Economy:94.8 mpg
Warranty:Two-year unlimited-mileage warranty
Road Side Assistance:One Free Year of Road Side Assistance provided by Road America
Type approval:EPA và CARB
2017:Rosso Dragon (red), Montebianteo (white), Blu Gaiola (blue), Giallo Positano (yellow)
2018:Nero Lucido (black), Bianteo Innocenza (white), Rosso Passione (red), Arancio Tramonto (orange), Verde Speranza (green), (S: Giallo Gelosia (yellow))

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